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Cory Makes Movies Right – Pacific Rim

October 24, 2019

Cory Makes Movies Right – Pacific Rim

Don’t get me wrong, Pacific Rim was a perfectly fun movie, but the whole time I was watching I kept thinking there’s an easier way for them to kill these big Kaiju. Just in case giant monsters ever do attack, we have a battle plan right here.

This is based on a sketch series I created a while back called called Cory Makes Movies Right. They were a lot of work. Made a theme song for them and everything. The one I made about the Karate Kid played at a festival, and afterwards a producer chased me down, told me it was awesome, and that he wanted to turn it into a show for MTV. I was excited so I called my wife and told her. Big mistake. Three days later, the producer called to say legal said no no. Apparently in order to use movie clips you not only have to get the studios permission, but every actor’s in the scene as well. That was the end of that sketch series, and i don’t tell my wife about any potential jobs until I sign a contract.

In any case, if you would like to watch the two that I did make (and see the progression in quality from the first to second) here they are: