My set from AXS TV Gotham Live.

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I wrote and directed a comedic short about a naive mama’s boy who, to save his mother from impending eviction, has to become a Character in Times Square.

ROAST BATTLE HIGHLIGHTS – I’ve said terrible things to people’s faces in front of audiences…and I liked it.

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Ever watch a movie, and even though you love it, there is a part that doesn’t make sense? Well I decided to do something about it. In my comedic web series I take the movies I love and fix them. Welcome to CORY MAKES MOVIES RIGHT.

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My sketch about college debt that made the front page of Funny or Die.

Fresh to your Face: The food delivery service that puts the food right in your mouth!

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Want all the manliness of a pro athlete, but don’t want to get off your couch? Then try the new Sports Jersey!

Ever see a tattoo and wonder what the hell that person was thinking? Well I asked. YouTube Preview Image

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, but you can judge a person by the cover of their book. I prove it here with my Man on the Street series “You are What You Read.”YouTube Preview Image

The biggest English as a Second Language schools in NYC hired myself and Comedian Dan Hirshon to help make their weekly orientations more entertaining. We took eight very dry, boring government visa rules and turned them into an informative, fun story. This is a clip from the video.

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A Diet Coke Commercial I was in.

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My piece in Reader’s Digest about starting comedy. I like to think I brightened your visit to the dentist.

Cory Jarvis Reader's Digest

Japan was home for 5 years and I hated it when I left, but time, a revisit, and using NYC public restrooms changed my perspective. Click the pic for the article.

Cory Jarvis Rage No More


Me acting intimidating at the Hoboken Comedy Festival. The audience responding appropriately.

Cory Jarvis Hoboken Comedy Festival Festival

Yo, girl! Why don’t you let the Pokemon professor get a little Pikachu.

Cory Jarvis Professor Willow Costume

Me hosting the Go Go Curry International Eating Competition. “Sir, would you like that for here, or to go straight through you?”

Cory Jarvis Hosting Go Go International Eating Competition

On the road I’ve played bars, clubs, theaters; I’ve even played a swingers party where I was the clothed portion of entertainment.

Cory Jarvis At Gandhi on the Road

I made my own magazine and put myself on the cover. Suck on that, Oprah!

Cory Jarvis on the cover of GeekZpeak Magazine

“Everyone who likes nerdy white guys with pale bodies and strangely shaped chest hair, put your hands in the air!”

Cory Jarvis Cruise Party Host