The wHole Me

January 1, 2022

The wHole Me – Cover

Wow! Life can change a whole lot in a year for all of us, huh?  

First off, though, thank you for stopping by the ole website. I haven’t been updating for some time because my life went all topsy turvy. Not in a bad way necessarily, but the massive amounts of energy I was pouring into creative endeavors needed to be rechanneled, and I am only now beginning to divert that energy back to where it longs to be. 

Perhaps in the future, with some time to process it all, I will tell you all about what has and is still happening. 

In the meantime, I’m going to get back to posting a new page weekly. 

Here is my latest comic, The wHole Me. It’s ever so slightly biographical, mixed with elements of comedy and fiction. I originally wrote it as a script for a short film, but when my life changed, I adapted the story to fit comic form so I could put it out there in the world. 

The wHole Me: A magic door opens, offering an emotionally closed man the possibility of winning back the woman he loves if he is willing to face some sides of himself he has desperately tried to forget.

New page posted every Thursday. 

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